Sport Fishing

We are available for fishing adventures on Kodiak Island nearly year-round, accessing fantastic salt-water fishing and fresh water streams during the peak seasons. The lodge's close proximity to the fishing grounds means more time spent fishing! All the saltwater fishing and outdoor gear (boots and rain gear) is provided for our day trips aboard our boats.

If stream fishing is more your style, we can accomodate your fishing desires during the salmon runs throughout the summer season -- the best times varies based on the species you would like to target. Bring your spin or fishing rod and a pair of waders or hip-boots for an adventure of a lifetime! Access to streams is typically by boat, but upon special request, we can coordinate a floatplane flyout from the Lodge.

Below is the typical timing and availability of fishing:

King (Chinook) Salmon
Red (Sockeye) Salmon                
Silver (Coho) Salmon

Captain Lee Neel, with 30+ years sports-fishing experience in Kodiak Island area waters, originally operated “On the Cape Charters” in Kodiak prior to building Big Timber Lodge.  Lee pilot’s a newly built 30’ landing craft designed for your comfort and safety. The cabin provides comfortable seats and is heated. It is equipped with two powerful 200-horse power Suzuki engines, which gets you on the fishing grounds quickly. 

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